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When you donate to Nazareth House, you are helping us to build a brand new home for the residents living here with us in Mallow and to build new bedrooms for the residents living with us in Dublin, you are also helping us to fund the development of our services across our homes in Belfast, Fahan, Sligo and Ballymote These are our current projects in 2016/2017 and we can achieve this with your help.

The difference it will make in Mallow and Dublin is that we will have private rooms for everybody as opposed to the 6 – 10 bed rooms we have at present in Mallow. We will have extra bedrooms to facilitate more people. Right now, when people are looking for a home we don’t have a room for them. We will have a great big coffee shop where residents can meet and treat their friends, neighbours and families instead of our current little coffee dock. We will have lots of gardens with easily accessible walks. These are just some of the great new facilities our residents will have following these new building developments.

Will you please make a donation and help us build a new home which will make a real difference to the quality of life of people living in Nazareth House now and in the future.

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Thank you.