Life is for Living


Life is for Living and we intend to live it up with lots of adventure and new opportunities!

We are a group of eighty-five people living in Nazareth House Nursing Home in Mallow. For the last few years, we have been leading very quiet and sedate lifestyles. That’s all changed now and we are starting a new chapter in our lives.  We have valuable contributions to make to our own community, we can share and learn new hobbies and interests and most of all we want to meet and make new friends. We have lots of time and we are currently looking for volunteers to support us to live life as we wish. Our intention is to get out and about whether it is to the races, or shopping. We are going out every Thursday on the Community bus so instead of waiting for family and friends to come in to see us, we go out to meet them. We want to do much more such as to go out and take part in various classes – computers, cookery and gardening. This means that we can join other people of all ages who are already attending classes. We want some people to come in and teach us classes in crafts and music. We want to plan and go on a holiday for a few days. So its time for us to start planning and get going!

mallow pic with dog